3 Options For Whitening Your Teeth

3 Options For Whitening Your Teeth

The quest for whiter teeth is practically universal. It’s one of the key reasons there are seemingly endless products lining the shelves at the drugstore. From toothpastes to pens to strips, there’s no dearth of options out there.

What’s the right choice for you, though? It helps to understand a little bit about each one before you settle on a teeth whitening treatment. Here are three of the most popular.

1.Dental Bleaching

You can be more confident and you’ll achieve the gleaming smile of your dreams when you opt for an in-office whitening treatment instead of experimenting with different over-the-counter whitening products. Toothpastes can help you maintain your gleam and pens are great for last-minute events, but nothing can compare to the results that dental bleaching offers.

You’ll begin by choosing your desired shade from a shade guide. That’s important because you won’t have unrealistic expectations about the end result. At a bare minimum, you can expect an in-office whitening treatment to brighten your smile by up to three or four shades in just one visit.

Then, your dentist will isolate your teeth to protect your gums from potential irritation and sensitivity. Following that, a bleaching agent formulated with hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth and left on for approximately 20 minutes. A blue LED light is then shone on the teeth. It breaks down the ingredients in the bleach, helping the stains on your teeth dissolve in the process.

You’ll then rinse your mouth, and the process is repeated again after assessing the color of your teeth until the desired shade is achieved.

2. Teeth Whitening Pens

The beauty of using a teeth whitening pen is that it’s easy. People value convenience, and there’s almost nothing more quick or straightforward than running the tip of a whitening pen over your teeth. Just squeeze to deposit a small amount of the product onto each one and let the substance dry for about 30 seconds before you resume normal activities.

Whitening pens are made with a mild concentration of peroxide. This ingredient works by penetrating the surface of the teeth, targeting the intrinsic stains while simultaneously breaking down the visible stains you see when you smile. You can think of these pens as handy touch-up tools. They’re ideal if you’re headed to a special event, for example, and want to upgrade your smile for photographs.

Not all teeth whitening pens are the same. Some have very low levels of hydrogen peroxide, while others contain a stronger concentration. Keep in mind that the stronger they are, the harsher they can be on your tooth enamel. This is why it’s better to visit a dentist if you’re interested in reducing more severe stains without sacrificing the integrity of your teeth and gums.

3. Teeth Whitening at Midtown Dental Care Associates

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