Five Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign has changed the game when it comes to orthodontic treatment. For decades, metal braces were the only option available, but Invisalign uses a completely different method for straightening teeth – clear plastic aligners that gently guide teeth into their ideal positions. Many of our patients are opting for Invisalign over braces and it’s easy to see why:

Invisalign is discreet

Particularly if you’re an adult undergoing orthodontic treatment, this is often one of the most common reasons patients choose Invisalign. Invisalign aligners are made with thin, clear plastic. You can take a selfie and no one will notice that you have them on; you can have a conversation with someone at a close distance and unless they’re looking very carefully, they won’t see your aligners. Unlike with metal braces, you’ll never feel self-conscious about your smile with Invisalign.

Invisalign is comfortable

Braces are bulky, with wires that can poke your cheeks and brackets that irritate the inside of your mouth. Whenever you go in to get your braces adjusted, you can expect a day or two of discomfort and headaches. Invisalign offers a much more comfortable experience because its clear plastic aligners are smooth, thin, and unobtrusive, causing little-to-no irritation. While you may have some soreness each time you switch to a new set of aligners, it’s much less painful than having arch wires adjusted by an orthodontist.

Invisalign is convenient

There are many ways in which Invisalign is more convenient than braces:

  • You can continue to eat all of your favorite foods. There’s no special orthodontic diet required. Remove your aligners and eat whatever you like.
  • Oral hygiene is easier. No need for a special floss threader or spending extra time brushing around your brackets to prevent plaque from forming. You can brush and floss just as you normally would.
  • Fewer office visits. Because you switch to the next set of aligners at home, you don’t need to come in every four weeks for orthodontic adjustments. No brackets and wires means no orthodontic emergencies either.

Invisalign is effective

One of the most common questions patients have about Invisalign is: does it work as well as braces? The answer to this is yes, for most patients. While there are some complex orthodontic cases that require traditional braces, if you’re a candidate for Invisalign, you can expect them to be just as effective as braces. As long as you wear your aligners as instructed, you’ll have a similar treatment time too.

Invisalign is more affordable than you think

With so many benefits, you may think Invisalign must cost much more than traditional braces. Surprisingly, the price is usually comparable to that of metal braces, with Invisalign costing only slightly more. Compared to ceramic and sublingual braces, Invisalign costs less.

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